A Lifeline for Our Members

Since 1972, Deaf-REACH’s mission has been to maximize the self-sufficiency of deaf adults needing special services by providing Referral, Education & Employment, Advocacy, Counseling, and Housing. Deaf-REACH touches the lives of more than 200 deaf adults annually .  In fact, Deaf-REACH is the authority on specialized services for deaf persons. 

Deaf-REACH is the ONLY agency in the region that specifically addresses the social service needs of the deaf community and employs staff who share the same culture, community, and language as our consumers. Deaf-REACH established the first group home in the nation for deaf adults with mental illness and cosponsored the first national conference on mental health for deaf persons.

The psychosocial rehabilitation approach, utilized by all Deaf-REACH programs, provides the solid foundation for members’ success. Participants are actively involved in establishing the format and level of the highly individualized service delivery that they receive. The concept, which has achieved national acclaim, involves teaching members necessary life skills, thus minimizing the need for assistance from a service professional. This self-empowerment is part of what distinguishes the approach at Deaf-REACH.

Deaf-REACH’s goals go hand-in-hand with the mission—to provide deaf adults, some of whom are mentally ill or developmentally challenged, with the tools necessary to live as independently as possible within the community.


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