Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a modern rehabilitation program that matches the needs of employers with the skills and interests of deaf individuals who have additional disabilities.

Deaf-REACH Supported Employment program meets the needs of both parties: the employer acquires workers who are loyal and highly motivated, and individuals secure jobs that help them to develop independence and self-esteem.

Supported Employment services are performed by our Job Developers who work with employers and the individual every step of the way. Services include: assessing employee skills, finding compatible jobs, screening potential candidates, coaching and training the employee on-site during the transition period, and consulting with the employer on the progress and performance of workers.

Deaf-REACH Supported Employment program is made possible through a grant from the DC Department of Mental Health. Under this program, Employment Specialists assist deaf people with mental illness to become and remain successfully employed in integrated work settings. This new approach to supported employment is founded on the belief that anyone can work if they are given the appropriate support.

Deaf-REACH has also become a part of the Employment Network under the Ticket to Work Program. Our supported employment team works with individuals who have obtained vouchers from the Social Security Administration to find and retain jobs in competitive work environments. The goal of this program is to give people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as a result of disability, the chance to achieve long-term employment by providing them with choices and opportunities to go to work.

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